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Small Foot- inflatable snowshoes - compact, light, reliable and with an innovative design.


We would like to present the Small Foot inflatable snowshoes - the latest innovation in snow walking

The idea is simple – we use the latest high tech materials and apply a floating agent used for ages – the air. Thus we created the Small Foot – the first inflatable snowshoes. This very simple concept gives you immense freedom flexibility and comfort to conquer vast areas of virgin snow inflating them only when necessary and carrying them in compact bags in the meantime.

The Small Foot snowshoes can suit you perfectly in whatever adventure the snow takes you to.

They are perfectly calculated and designed to float on Snow!

Most of the advantages of the SmallFoot snowshoes come from the fact that they are inflatable.

  • Light (2 х 485 gr. without crampons)
  • Compact (2 mini bags х 25/10/7 cm)
  • Bearing capacity 50 - 120 kg

First of all they give you a Natural feeling and stability when you are walking. The even distribution of the weight and because you are stepping on the snow directly with the soles of your shoe gives you a sense of stability and security at every step.


Better floatability due to the air volume in the inflatable loading system of the snowshoes. When in contact with the snow they reduce the risk of sinking and distribute the weight evenly.

The SmallFoot snowshoes give you:
Excellent control and maneuverability

Thanks to the open elliptical design and the fixed heel strap system you can move freely - turn, run and walk forward or ever backward if you wish. All the time they stay perfectly attached to your feet no matter what size or sort of shoes you are wearing.

Natural grinding of the heel into the terrain when descending

The special design of the strap binding system allows you to grind your own heel into the terrain and in this way descend safely and stably.

Perfect grip

The fact that the retaining strips are lower than the major surface of the snowshoes allows the soles to be in contact with the snow and adds better grip and control when climbing or descending and minimizes the twisting of the ankle while traversing.

Excellent for different snow conditions – from powder to packed snow. For perfect grip we advise you to have them fully inflated for powder and slightly deflated for packed and icy terrains.


The soft form of the design makes the snowshoes very adjustable when contacting jagged surfaces like rocks and branches. They take the terrain’s form because they twist and bend both horizontally and vertically.


Easily attached to any types of shoes, they give you the comfort to walk with the speed you want, for as long as you need and across any terrain that you may encounter – from wide, open spaces with powder snow to comparatively steep slopes with more compact snow.

Springy effect

The effect of the inflatable structure is a feeling of lightness and springing, which saves your powers when you are walking or running. This also means less stress on your joints and feet!

More good stuff about SmallFoot inflatable snowshoes is that there is no special walking technique that you have to learn. Just choose your direction and walk.  As simple as that.


Small Foot can be inflated and deflated fast. For inflation you will find mini bike pump in your SmallFoot set. It takes about 2 minutes to pump one snowshoe.

For quick deflation we have developed special metal caps for the valve. For walking with inflated snowshoes screw on the cap slightly. To deflate the snowshoe screw the cap all the way down. This way you will have your hands free to squeeze the air out and fold your snowshoes in the compact bags.

In every set of SmallFoot snowshoes there is a pair of detachable crampons for better grip on packed snow which you can easily attach and remove from your snowshoes.

Safe ride and flight

The specially designed mini-bags are a great advantage for those of you who practice extreme sports like snowboard, paragliding, BASE jumping, snow kiting and air boarding and want less bulk in your backpacks. The Snowboard bags are attached to the highbacks of the snowboard bindings – each snowshoe goes into one bag. And the bags for Paragliding and BASE jump are attached to the lower part of the leg – on the front or on the back. You also have a special pocket for foldable walking poles on these bags.

And now your ride, jump, flight or even ice climbing will be totally safe. No sticking out sharp edges, no hard surfaces you can fall on.

Versatile use

You can use the SmallFoot snowshoes for walking, running, back protecting or simply comfortably sitting on the snow. Our main idea is to provide a high tech product to those of you who practice extreme sports in the winter mountain. The SmallFoot snowshoes can be used for reaching the spots for practicing your winter sport, for recreation, children camps, and team buildings but also for emergency situations, mountain rescuing and military services.

SmallFoot for children – we offer smaller version of the inflatable snowshoes for children. They are perfectly safe and light

Enjoy your day out in the snow to the most!


  • Length: 58 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Width: 31 cm
  • Weight: 2 x 485 gr (without crampons)
  • Materials: Cordura, Austria Alpin, National Molding, YKK.
  • Shoe size (European standard): 37 – 47 one size fits all. For all kind of shoes - hiking boots, snowboard boots and ski boots.
  • Loading capacity: 60 – 130 kg
  • Colors: black, blue, red
  • Made in EU


  • Weight: 2 x 110 gr
  • Length: 5 cm
  • Height: 4 cm
  • Width: 9 cm
  • Materials: stainless steel


  • pair of snowshoes
  • pair of mini bags
  • pair of crampons
  • mini pump
  • emergency mirror
  • emergency whistle
  • deflation cap “Hands free” system
  • repair kit


  1. Take out the snowshoes from the bags. Unfold them. Take out the mini pump. Loosen the screw cap of the first snowshoe, put the end of the pump in it and then lift the pump’s thumb.
  2. Pump the snowshoe until it takes shape and becomes hard enough. This process takes from 1,5 to 2,5 minutes, depending on the pace of the inflation. The maximum pressure you can use is 0,4 atmospheres.
  3. When you are ready with the inflating, unscrew and remove the pump. Do not forget to screw the cap well on the valve to avoid the risk of deflating when walking with the snowshoes.
  4. After both snowshoes are inflated, put the crampons (if needed) on the bottom side of the horizontal bands like it is shown on the picture.
  5. Put on the snowshoes and tighten them up like it is explained in the Fastening instructions. While doing that do not step on the valves. There is a possibility to deform and damage them.
  6. After use deflate the snowshoes with the special Deflation cap which you have in your set. First unscrew the caps from the valves and then screw the Deflation cap all the way down. The air will start coming out automatically from the holes in the cap. This way you will have your hands free to squeeze the air out and fold your snowshoes in the compact bags. Then unscrew the Deflation cap and screw back the plastic valve caps.
  7. Don’t forget that before packing the snowshoes in the bags, you have to dry them well. 8. You can use impregnating spray on the snowshoes.
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